Our proposal for the new administrative headquarters Aca Salud is conceived from the configuration of volumes that complete the urban fabric but whose logic differs from that of the central area incorporating two situations vacuum: the first citywide , manifests itself in the recess of the blocks on the ground down from the building line, and favors the access condition in generating an open pedestrian space, as bounded center of Rosario; the second, is expressed on the inside, from a series of voids (courtyards) that occur in stages in court, improving the livability and spatiality of workplaces by entering light, air and incorporating expansions at all levels of the building.
From the consideration of these two gaps as axes of the project, chooses to work, morphologically, edilicios two blocks, one consisting of the existing building and the completion of its facade and the second, as a new block at the edge of field .
This concept is evident in the facade, but, planimetric level both blocks are formed as a unit, enabling clear circulation system providing flexibility and workspaces.

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