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AutoCAD remained behind, now BIM is the present. And there is also much more than BIM.

We are always looking forward to evolve about construction. That is why we are implementing, based on Virtual Design & Construction (VDC), Lean Construction and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) in a collaborative work environment.

VDC involves BIM and adds more tools to build, to simulate and to “live a project” before putting the first brick. VDC uses the last technology tools that make the experience of check our project before bringing forward, will be successful and pleasant. VDC simplifies the architecture and the engineering so that any customer can easily understand it.

IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) is working together with all the stakeholders in a construction from the begining. IPD proposes a change into the existing contractual forms and motivates the work between companies, so we believe on this needed synergy of today. IPD cares for the parts, reduces the risk and share responsibilities among those involved in the project. Thus, avoid unnecessary expenses in work and increased budgets, projects and works.
LEAN CONSTRUCTION (LC) aims to achieve the construction without waste, without fat. Seeks to see from the customer perspective what value has his project to him. LC constantly faces with tasks of value and waste, seeking by all means to avoid the waste. It seeks to achieve continuous workflows.

In other words, LC is constantly thinking about the continuous improvement of the work of all involved, it is a philosophy and also a set of tools.
In Edilizia we are implementing VDC, IPD and LC and we are already seeing results of our investment in these new forms of collaborative work.


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